Payment Terms

How can you pay us?
We offer a variety of payment: (in data entry during the payment process is secure SSL connection is used) After your order you will receive an order confirmation email with all the important information, like your order number, items ordered, total amount, bank account (cash in advance ) and all legal information.

1. Prepayments/Remittance
Select „EU Standard Banking Transfer" (Prepayment) as the choice of payment during the placement of order. The placement of the order will be acknowledged via e-mail containing all the important information viz. the order number, the ordered goods, the total amount of payment, and the terms of sale. The total amount should be remitted to the seller’s bank account, quoting the corresponding order number. The transfer of the remittance takes 2 – 3 working days depending on banking transaction delays (even if the amount were remitted online). After the amount is credited to seller’s bank account, the goods ordered, will be dispatched immediately to the corresponding delivery address.

Antispam-Filter: Customers who use email addresses (e.g. „web.xx“  or  „gmx.xx“) with limited storage capacities should configure their spam filter such that our emails do not get filtered away. Further the email mailboxes should be regularly checked and correspondingly emptied otherwise you may not receive our confirmation of the purchase order along with the details of banking/payment.

2. Payment via Pay Pal
The buyer may also opt for easy, fast, and secure payment via Pay Pal at the online shop.
•    The buyer does not need to enter one’s bank account or credit card details at every payment.
•    The payment needs only a few clicks, on the website.
•    The buyer’s bank and credit card details are securely stored with Pay Pal and not disclosed to the seller.
•    The data transmission is secured with SSL Protocol (Secure Sockets Layer) and a 128-Bit Key (the maximum security available for ecommerce)
•    The buyer gets a email confirmation of all the transactions and has a full overview of all the transactions in one’s own Pay Pal account.
•    Pay Pal transactions are checked for fraud using fraud shield models, to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions.

3. Payment via DIRECTebanking
DIRECTebanking is an online payment service provided by the Payment Network AG, with headquarters in Gauting, nearby Munich. The buyer is provided a full protection with money back guarantee. DIRECTebanking requires the buyer’s online banking details: bank identification, account number, PIN und TAN. There is no registration, no order number or change in software application necessary. The data is transmitted using SSL-connection. The payment amount is credited immediately, enabling a faster processing and delivery of the order.
Information from Payment Network AG: The provider of DIRECTebanking, the Payment Network AG, has insurance in its customer’s favour, to cover damages and liabilities in case of fraudulent usage subject to the conditions provided within their website link.
This provides the buyer protection against any liabilities within the framework of this insurance. In this regard it is brought to notice, that many banking institutions (incl.. Sparkasse ) consider themselves to be not liable for any damages when using DIRECTebanking, as PIN and TAN are to be confidential to the account holder alone. Any liability for damages could be denied by the banks in case of fraudulent usage, and the liability solely rests with the account holder. However till date no fraudulent usage has been noticed using the DIRECTebanking system (TÜV-Certified-Online-Payment-System). Additionally, the user is covered by the insurance mentioned before against damages through fraudulent usage.

4. Payment per Invoice
A delivery per invoice is offered and entertained only through special request by e.g. public authorities, schools and other public bodies and institutions.

After Payment:
After the receipt of payment, the orders will be packed and dispatched immediately, latest by the following working day (excepting cases where a longer delivery period is explicitly mentioned in the product description). This will be indicated via the Status “dispatched”, emailed to you at the email address provided by you.