General Terms and Conditions of Sale -

General Terms and Conditions of Sale -

Information for consumers in distance selling contracts and customer information for contracts in electronic commerce.

§ 1 Scope
For business relations between us and the customer the following terms and conditions apply for orders over the Internet shop valid at the time of the order.

§ 2 Conclusion
The presentation of our products in our website contains only an invitation to the customer to submit a contract offer.
By the customer sends an order, he makes an offer within the meaning of § 145 BGB. The customer receives a confirmation of receipt of the order via email.

The contract with us begins when we accept the customer's offer within 2 working days after sending the order in writing or in text form. Decisive is the extent of time the access of the declaration of acceptance by the customer, working day is any calendar day which is not a Sunday or public holiday applicable nationwide. Deviating applies: If the customer selects an online payment or another advance-payment during the ordering process takes place the contract at the time where the customer initiates the payment.

§ 3 Delivery, shipping, transfer of risk
Delivery is to each individual case stated shipping costs. If the customer is a consumer, we carry regardless of the delivery in any case, the transit risk. If the customer is an entrepreneur, all risks and dangers of the shipment transferred to the customer once the goods have been handed over by us to the logistics contractor.

§ 4 Retention of title
The delivered goods remain our property until full payment of the purchase price.

§ 5 Payments
We only accept the indicated to the customer as part of the ordering process.

§ 6 Liability
There are the statutory warranty rights.

§ 7 Information for consumers in distance contracts and customer information for contracts in electronic commerce
a) We are members of the club "Safe and reputable Internet shop operator e. V." and have subjected us to local criteria and the free for our customers, extrajudicial conciliation office. (only in german language) (only in german language)

a.1) We have also submitted to the following codes of conduct: Trusted Shops

b) Any input error when placing your order to identify and correct them using the delete and change function before sending the order at any time at the final confirmation before sending your contract.
c) The main characteristics of the goods offered by us as well as the validity of limited offers, please refer to the individual product as part of our Internet offering.
d) The time available for the contract language is German.
e) Complaints and warranty claims you may make at the address listed in the provider identification.
f) The contract text is not stored by us and therefore you as a customer after the conclusion not accessible through us.
g) information for payment, delivery or performance, please refer to the offer.

§ 8 Miscellaneous
The contractual relationship between us and the customer and the respective terms and conditions, the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. If the customer is a consumer, remain applicable under the law of the State in which the consumer has his habitual residence, consumer protection legal regulations and rights of which may not be derogated from by agreement, not affected by this agreement. The application of CISG is excluded.

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