Protection of minors

1. ITALVINO.DE entertains purchase agreements with adults only. To this effect the buyer is required to provide a declaration of having attained 18 years of age, while placing the order. Further the buyers affirm that their age, name and address are correct. The buyer is obliged to ensure that the receipt of the goods are undertaken personally by the buyer only or some other person authorised by the buyer who has attained 18 years of age.

2. As a policy and precaution, in the case of minors who under false claims of factual information or without consent of their legal guardians, placing their orders, ITALVINO.DE revokes all contracted agreements herewith, conformant to legal regulations (§111 BGB) of Germany.

3. ITALVINO.DE reserves the right to criminal proceedings, in addition to the right of revocation of purchase or sale agreements as per legal regulations (§111 BGB) of Germany, for orders placed under false declaration of information or age. The legal guardians of the minors are liable for all damages incurred arising out of the orders placed by minors with resort to false declaration of information, towards ITALVINO.DE as per legal regulations. This includes exemption from any liability for ITALVINO.DE arising out of its obligation towards the buyer out of (sub) paragraph 1.